‘In-Sighting` can be interpreted notionally as - exploring research.

Though a practising architect, Sean understands that he is not a researcher in the normative academic or institutional way and therefore uses ‘In-Sighting' as a way of acknowledging those projects, events and investigations, which emerged during the course of his research experience and which as a result, contributed to steering or initiating paths of exploration.

In presenting these in conjunction with his introspections on the context in which he was operating, Sean attempts to document a discovered curiosity related to options in research practice, pertaining  to its machinations, resonance, ethics and aesthetics.

About Korjaal-ing Maps
This series of images was produced at impromptu reflective moments during the research experience, to stimulate a level of personal transportation into the environment of the research.

They developed as simple hand drawn mappings of Suriname’s rivers onto photographs of a previous journey across the Marowijne, to more layered collages of the aforementioned, which included a 1905 map of the Tapanahoni.


Map of Tapanahoni - from ‘Report of the Tapanahoni Expedition’ by A. Franssen Herderschee - published by Leiden: Brill 1905

This project is part of a Fellowship supported by Tilting Axis and Het Nieuwe Instituut, in collaboration with the Amsterdam Museum, De Appel, The Black Archives and Melly.

*korjaal (pronounced kȯr-ē-al) is a dug-out or canoe.

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