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  • Language, culture and sustainability : the case of the Ndyuka in Diitabiki (Ficenca Raquel Eliza)>Language, culture, sustainability, the case of the Ndyuka in Diitabiki
  • › anthropology › ndyuk: Ndyuka Collection | Milwaukee Public › article 'Stones Have Laws' Portrays Past and Present Traumas of the Maroon Community - the low countries


Marcel Pinas

Tolin Alexander
  • › erwin-tolin-alexander:
  • Erwin Tolin Alexander's stream - SoundCloud
  • Biography Tolin Alexander - Lonnie van Brummelen & Siebren de Haan

Remy Jungerman

Taki Mix/Taki Map

Graphic Notes


Energy Harvesting

  • Application of Floating Aquatic Plants in Phytoremediation of Heavy Metals Polluted Water: A Review | Request PDF - ResearchGate
  • › topics › Rhizofiltration - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics -


Erik Wong
  • › groningen › Koninklijke onderscheiding voor Erik Wong, de herbergier van Wongema Hornhuizen - Dagblad van het Noorden - DVHN

Sophie Krier

'Milli' on the 'Marow'
  • › rew-project Millingerwaard | Rewilding Europe
  • › doi › Dutch new nature:(re) landscaping the Millingerwaard
  • Maartje Bulkens, Hamzah Muzaini, Claudio Minca (2016) Dutch new nature: (re)landscaping the Millingerwaard, Journal of Environmental Planning & Management, 59:5, 808-825, DOI: 10.1080 / 09640568.2015.1040872 https://doi.org10.1080 / 09640568.2015.1040872
  • Case study:Millingerwaard-Floodplain rehabilitation › wiki › title=Case study:Millingerwaard-Floodplain rehabilitation - RESTORE

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*korjaal (pronounced kȯr-ē-al) is a dug-out or canoe.

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