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korjaal-ing image sources

All images are from the archive of the author, except as follows:

Marcel Pinas: Marcel Pinas
Tapanahoni 1905 Map: Report of the Tapanahoni Expedition’ by A. Franssen Herderschee - published by Leiden: Brill 1905
Tapanahoni Satelite Images: Google Earth
Apinti Drum: Tropenmuseum collectie stichting National Museum Van Wereildculturen
Afaka Script: The Afaka script as transcribed by C. Bonne in 1920 - Uploaded by Kwamikagami at en.wikipedia - Figure 7 of Dubelaar & Pakoise 1999, Het Afakaschrift van de Tapanahoni River in Suriname, Utecht

This project is part of a Fellowship supported by Tilting Axis and Het Nieuwe Instituut, in collaboration with the Amsterdam Museum, De Appel, The Black Archives and Melly.

*korjaal (pronounced kȯr-ē-al) is a dug-out or canoe.

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