Wet-scapes, provides reflection on my reliance on collaged striations for presenting imagery related to the research.

In Wet-scapes, an image of the Marowijne River is collaged with striations of an image of my Mangrove Lodges project of 2005 (which initiated the research agenda).

The composition of striations in this image project the regular frequency associated with wave and tidal patterns in moving bodies of water, whilst the physicality of manual collaging (which has been used generally), gives the images a subtle topographical and irregular texture, more consistent with the rendering of landscapes.”

This project is part of a Fellowship supported by Tilting Axis and Het Nieuwe Instituut, in collaboration with the Amsterdam Museum, De Appel, The Black Archives and Melly.

*korjaal (pronounced kȯr-ē-al) is a dug-out or canoe.

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